Driven By Behavioral Psychology

Have you ever filled out a risk profile questionnaire whenever opening an investment account? You should have! But it was more than likely just a simple set of questions about your age, income, and investable assets. In years past, the risk tolerance question had investors select Low, Medium, or High. What do most people select? Most just select Medium. That's very basic and does little to assist your advisor in recommending a personalized solution.

79 Financial’s process includes proper risk evaluation based on behavioral psychology. Don't worry, we’re not going to pull out the couch and ask questions about your childhood. But we will use assessments to help us both discover more about your money mindset and how you view and respond to risk.

Risk Profile

The Investor Profile was built based upon the science of psychometrics, the science of measuring unseen characteristics. Using a competency modeling approach, the Investor Profile provides details on your investing personality. Knowing your composure, confidence, and attitudes towards market movements helps us guide you into an allocation that best meets your risk tolerance yet also projects an acceptable probability in achieving future goals.

Financial Perspectives

How do you feel about financial management? Where are there potential money-related disagreements between couples? Financial attitudes can impact decision making. This assessment provides a quick, yet in-depth, understanding of financial attitudes and outlook in several different areas, such as investing, budgeting, and spending. 

Building Wealth

This assessment was designed based on the research from The Millionaire Next Door and the related competencies of those who successfully transform income into wealth. It measures your Wealth Potential or the propensity to build and sustain wealth over time. A higher Wealth Potential score indicates  a high likelihood of having and maintaining a high net worth.

Market Mindset

The Market Mindset assessment provides insights into how you'll react when markets move. This quick quiz measures behavioral patterns related to changes in financial markets.


Market Moves measures investor composure, which differs from other investing quizzes in that it is designed to anticipate potential behaviors when markets fluctuate, versus determining an individual's risk preferences or capacity.


Learn more about how you manage your financial life with the Planning assessment. This quick test measures personal financial management behaviors including tracking expenses, setting goals, and monitoring household financial health.


This short quiz identifies patterns in shopping and consumer behaviors and provides feedback on how those behaviors might impact overall financial goals.

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